Olympus for Legal

Tekton and Olympus Professional Dictation Systems

Tekton will give you the benefit of their experience by providing a consultative sales approach. We are not pushing any one product but we listen to your needs and design a solution around you. What this means to you in a law firm is we partner with you to help streamline your documentation workflow. It could be something as simple as replacing old tape units with new digital recorders. Maybe it’s finally time to replace that old recorder held together by duct tape and rubber bands. Olympus has the products for you.

Your law firm is busy solving clients’ problems. Let Olympus help solve yours.

Modern technology is enhancing the way lawyers interact with clients. It has also changed how firms manage their business and has altered the approach on how information is shared. Specifically, advances in digital technology within the dictation and transcription process have transformed how law firms process recorded information immediately, efficiently and securely. Available exclusively through a network of Certified Dealer Partners, Olympus Professional Dictation Systems are a reliable solution to added time spent in document turnaround time.

Why digital dictation?

Dictation has long been a staple of law firms — there’s simply no better way for a busy attorney to take thorough case notes and record large amounts of information. And thanks to the next generation of digital Professional Dictation Systems and digital voice recorders from Olympus, the best is even better.

Portable handheld recording devices allow attorneys to dictate on the go, and Olympus’ ODMS software automatically routes recordings into the firm’s workflow, either to a transcriptionist or directly into speech recognition software. For the attorney looking to provide the ultimate in client service, there’s no more secure, reliable or flexible solution on the market.

Three Reasons to Upgrade from Microcassettes


When deployed by a Certified Dealer Partner, Olympus Professional Dictation Systems offer complete, end-to-end business solutions for law firms of all sizes, allowing them to automate their work and create more billable hours.

Olympus’ portable, state-of-the-art digital voice recorders, USB microphones and transcription accessories offer unlimited potential for creating efficiencies within the office environment. They can easily be integrated into the workflow of any law firm and significantly streamline data sharing and distribution of dictations between lawyers and staff. This enhanced workflow typically results in a fast ROI.


Client confidentiality is crucial. That’s why Olympus Professional Dictation products are engineered to keep your critical recordings safe and private. From the 256-bit file encryption and four-digit PIN locking of the ultra-portable DS-7000 Professional Dictation System to advanced features built into our Olympus Dictation Management System software, Olympus’ security is unparalleled.


Olympus’ reputation for quality and reliability in audio, built over 40 years, speaks for itself. No matter how hard you work, you can rest assured your Professional Dictation System will keep pace all the way.