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Dragon® Professional Individual

Realize your productivity potential with the latest in speech recognition technology.

Dragon Professional Individual can save time and money by having your dictation available immediately—while the information is fresh in your mind—without having to wait or rely on a costly transcription service.

Dragon Professional Individual drives individual productivity at work by enabling fast, accurate dictation and transcription with the right level of customization to speed document creation.

This powerful solution lets you add custom words such as specific industry terminology, insert frequently used text or shortcut repetitive tasks by voice to work faster and smarter.

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What can you do with Dragon Professional Individual

Dragon Professional Individual
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Think out loud to create, format and edit by voice quickly and efficiently

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Import/export custom word lists to share unique words among peers

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Create custom voice commands to insert frequently-used text and graphics

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Share dictation and sync customizations with Dragon Anywhere app for mobile productivity

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Dictate text within popular applications, including web applications

Dictate text within popular applications, including web applications

Command and control your computer by voice in ergonomic, hands-free comfort

Simplify proofreading with text-to-speech or dictation playback

With Dragon Professional Individual you can complete documentation quickly and with greater detail and accuracy, improving your overall productivity and freeing time to contribute more to your work and further your career.


Sync with separate
Dragon Anywhere mobile app

Multiple mobile devices? Dictate on any one of them, provided you use your personal account to automatically sync all customizations.

Dragon Anywhere is a separate, cloud-based app that provides continuous dictation capabilities, letting you create and edit documents of any length by voice—using your own customized words, shortcuts and commands—directly on your iOS or Android device. It adapts to your voice and terminology so you can dictate, edit, navigate and format quickly and accurately within your document from anywhere.

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Dragon Anywhere

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