You're one dictation away from a more efficient practice.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

Create comprehensive patient notes in a fraction of the time.

Push your keyboard and mouse aside and start speaking your way to a more efficient practice. More than 200,000 physicians worldwide across all medical specialties have already adopted Dragon Medical technology, because it works.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 gives you the power to create more comprehensive patient notes in a fraction of the time without the frustration that comes with pointing and clicking in the EHR. You can start saving time and money today with a speech-enabled EHR and workflow.

Is your practice focused on a complex medical specialty?

All the more reason to let Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 do the work for you.

Dragon Medical software understands even the most complex terminology used in a broad range of medical specialties so you can speak in your own words to create comprehensive and accurate patient notes as well as a number of other clinical documents and correspondence.


Over 99% accurate

More than 99% accurate right out of the box

Over 90 vocabularies

Over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies

Custom macros to automate repetitive tasks

Customizable macros that automate repetitive mouse clicks

Streamlined navigation

Hidden dialogue mode for streamlined navigation and searches while dictating


  • More efficient workflow

  • Less time spent on paperwork

  • More time available for quality patient care

  • Better patient documentation

  • Higher reimbursement levels

  • Reduced transcription costs

Why Tekton?

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For over 50 years, Tekton has been providing quality analogue and open architecture digital dictation/transcription systems. Our goal was to provide the best possible products and technology available and provide exceptional local service back by a national support hotline.

Today, Tekton is proud to represent companies such as Philips, Winscribe, Dragon, and Olympus throughout the country. We are recognized as a company dedicated to understanding the customer’s needs and delivering on our promises. With over 50 years of combined experience, we have the expertise to help your organization maximize productivity and speed up your document creation process.

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