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Dragon Professional Group Edition



Administration across multiple Dragon users – which saves time and reduces support needs for system administrators, allowing you to:
  • Customize the installation and deployment to multiple computers
  • Manage and maintain (modify, repair, upgrade, remove) Dragon and all the user profiles and configurations
As an IT administrator, you can deploy Dragon to multiple desktops with the built-in Windows Installer (MSI) with customized options. All Dragon Professional custom commands and vocabularies can be shared, so updates to these customized components can be pushed out easily. You can also control the location of where user profiles are stored, which employee has created user profiles and how many are created (for managing licensing compliance, for example). By having control over all user configurations, you can also more efficiently schedule maintenance tasks such as using the Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer.

Easy to create and deploy custom commands for multiple users
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Professional allows an organization to share custom commands quickly and easily across the user community. With custom commands, you can automate repetitive or manual processes with simple voice commands and integrate into existing workflows to streamline tasks and manage multiple step processes with your voice. With the ability to distribute these custom commands to multiple users, employees do not have to worry about creating these themselves and can be productive using them right away.

Many options for creating custom commands – to meet your workflow needs, with variability in command names, fillable templates, Macro Recorder and advanced scripting to define a series of actions in one simple voice command.
  • Open-ended custom commands: New with Dragon 13 Professional is the ability for custom command types that support open ended dictation: the ability to end the command’s name with any word or phrase in Dragon’s vocabulary, as opposed to a word or phrase from a defined list of command variables. This can allow users to have, for instance, commands that search for given words within their company’s intranet (similar to the built-in search commands such as “search Wikipedia for...”).
  • Dragon Templates: Filling out forms and files that have fields can be a challenge, but Dragon Professional makes it easy to use your voice to complete the task. With the ability to add variable fields to a template in any text document, Dragon Professional allows you to easily fill in commonly used forms, simplifying the process and saving time. You simply have to say “Next Field” to navigate to each form field.
  • Macro Recorder: Use Dragon’s Macro Recorder to record your keystrokes and mouse-clicks, and then save the series of actions under a single voice command. This is a great feature for something you do often that would normally require a series of multiple commands or hand actions.
  • Step-by-Step Commands: The Step-by-Step option in Dragon’s command-creation wizard lets you automate a series of actions (such as launching applications or invoking certain application features) one step at a time, to easily automate an action or series of actions with a single voice command, even if you’re not a programmer.
  • Advanced Scripting: Those with some programming knowledge can speech-enable many things, like forms and interactions with several applications, using Dragon’s VBA-like Advanced Scripting language. If you would like to voice enable any specific custom function on the computer to better integrate with your applications and your specific workflows, you can do this with advanced scripting.
Easy to create and deploy custom vocabularies for multiple users
Different users use different nomenclature and words, whether they are in a different industries, companies, departments, or job roles. For example, people in the insurance industry would use very different words, phrases, and acronyms than in government use cases. People in marketing roles would use different words and phrases than in manufacturing.
  • Dragon 13 Professional offers the ability to add custom words with any preferred formatting properties directly to the vocabulary so that it accurately types your dictation the way you want it for your job role. With the ability to import and export these vocabularies as needed in formats such as XML, these customizations can be easily shared within the whole company, specific departments or to relevant groups, so the right users can benefit from a specific vocabulary automatically. Multiple vocabularies can be created, and an administrator can quickly and efficiently set up and manage all employee requests to their needs.
Enhance on-the-go employee productivity
  • With roaming profiles and preferences stored and synchronized in a central network location, users can dictate from different computers on the network without having to create and train new profiles and preferences at each location. Users can continue to use Dragon even if the network is unavailable. If HTTP roaming is set up, the administrator can also manage security in this case by setting up username and password authorization for specific user profiles.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Professional supports remote use on a computer running Windows Server 2012 in addition to Window Server 2008 R2. With Microsoft’s free Remote Desktop connection software (formerly called Terminal Services Client), users can use Dragon from a local Windows computer on which Dragon itself is not installed.
Easy batch processing and post-editing of transcriptions
  • With Dragon Professional, you can automatically transcribe into a selected directory with a specified profile and the audio portion of your dictation can be embedded in the document through the AFTA (Auto Transcribe Folder Agent) process. With the audio file stored with the automatically transcribed documents, it saves time and enables easier third-party editing, or later editing by the user. Also, in Microsoft Word, users can include un-transcribed instructions for third-party editors using “Voice Notations” which is helpful if you want to say something but not have it transcribed.
Meet accessibility compliance requirements
  • With all the shared customization capabilities, Dragon Professional is easy to adapt as necessary to meet stringent compliance requirements such as compliance for accessibility or any strict documentation reporting required in certain industries.

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